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Digital Transformation Solutions

Improving Patient Care.

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Stroke AI

AI for accelerated stroke detection and assessment outcomes.

Fully automated AI for accelerated image detection and assessment stroke:

  • e-ASPECTS, e-CTA, and e-CTP modules automatically process CT images to provide prompt, clinically useful information in the acute stroke setting.

  • AI-driven technology enables faster treatment decisions and more patients receiving treatment, aiming toward better outcomes.

  • More than 50% time savings in Door-In-Door-Out.

  • 3x increase in more patients achieving independence.


Aneurysm AI

AI to improve therapeutic planning for aneurysm treatments.

A new-generation software that uses in silico computational modelling to visualize endovascular device placement dedicated to treating intracranial aneurysms in reliable planning to ensure treatment efficiency:

  • Simulate intervention using flow diverters, intrasaccular, coils or stent devices.

  • Increase safety by decreasing maneuvers by 75%.

  • Reduce radiation time by 25%.

  • Reduce intervention time: >11% shorter intervention time.

  • Improve recovery outcome.

  • Delegate simulations and train other INRs.

  • Test new products and new intervention techniques.

  • Share with the patient to create awareness of the intervention's value versus open surgery.



Powering the future of connected healthcare.

Unique patented, real-time and multi-streaming collaboration technology with hands-free smart glasses to access remote expertise, train new doctors, and offer a higher level of patient care:

  • Stay connected and in communication 

  • Enable critical remote decision-making

  • Share 360° view of patient health

  • Zoom into individual image or video feeds for a detailed view

  • Facilitate clinicians' workflow

  • Offer a higher level of care

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